What to Expect with Moonbug Photography

beforeBefore your session:

Before your shoot, we will have a pre-session consultation in the studio.  During this time, we can discuss, in more detail, your needs and goals.  We will decide on a location and get a clothing strategy.

You will also get to see and touch the products that you may wish to purchase.  When I have a general idea of what items you want to display in your home, I can be more prepared during our session and make sure we get the shots you want.

And, of course, we will do a little paperwork and I will give you more specific information about prices.  This way, we get all the business out of the way so we can do nothing but have fun and focus during the shoot.


During your session:

As a photographer of children, but more importantly, as a mother of three, I realize that you have to have a sense of humor when it comes to kids.  During a photoshoot, as a mom, you want them to be picture perfect and calm, right?  But it doesn’t always happen that way!  Don’t fret – I am prepared and flexible!

No need to worry and stress about your session.  I almost always get the shots that we need to get and I keep my camera rolling for the silly shots too.  Keep the kids relaxed by not building up lots of expectations ahead of time.  That way, it really ends up being a fun experience for them… and you!

sibling love by Moonbug Photography


After your session:

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your shoot, we will have an ordering session in the studio.  I will show you a slideshow of your pictures and I will help you place your order.  It’s not a “salesy” high pressure session.  My goal is for you to buy products that suit your style, fit in your budget and make you happy.

One of the favorite things that my clients love is the ability to see pictures to scale on photos of their own walls during the ordering session.  I have software that will allow me to import a simple picture of the wall you are working on and size your pictures to scale on the picture of your wall.  This allows us to better visualize how your photos will look and pick the right size.

It usually takes about 1-2 weeks to get prints and could be longer for albums and other specialty items.  When you pick up your order, we will then discuss your framing needs and make a framing appointment if necessary.

Communication is key!  If at any point you are not clear about the process, or have a question, please ask.


Cropping-guide from Moonbug Photography





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