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School Portrait Comparison Chart and FAQ’s for School Administrators

Moonbug Photography School Portraits in Indianapolis - Administrator Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
It doesn’t cost the school anything. Actually, we pay you. The amount depends on the number and type of service items you want and the amount of sales.

Do you do fundraisers?
Yes, Picture Day can be organized as a fundraiser, or we can have another Picture Day in the spring that we can structure as a fundraiser.

We have a silent auction every year. Will you donate a gift certificate?
Yes, I love to support our school clients and their families. What service items do you offer? Every school has different needs, so there is no standard package. We can get anything you might need.

How do your prices compare to “the big companies?”
Parents can pay as little as $14 and they do not have to purchase a package. Packages are offered but not required. Moonbug packages also include common sizes that parents will use, not odd sizes that are unusable.

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