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Sonja–I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful these pictures are! They are just terrific. You captured Ryan so well–it’s as if you known him all of his life!!!! Matt and I love them!!!!

-Sara Herndon

What a beautiful job you’ve done…AGAIN!  We absolutely LOVE the pics…I just don’t know what to say. Addy is just the most beautiful, precious thing in our lives and somehow you manage to capture that for us. I am so happy I found you – what a wonderful experience it’s been.

-Jessica Reese

Moonbug Photography has proven to be a wonderful photographer for our Indianapolis pre-school. As a teacher there of many years, I’m impressed with Sonja Clark’s care and natural approach to photographing children that captures their personalities as well as creating a memorable keepsake. I think she is the BEST. I even liked my picture!

-Carla Zawadzki


Sonja has a way of capturing moments that are spontaneous and don’t appear “posed”. She has a gift for making clients feel comfortable in their own skin and can be themselves. Her images especially of children make your heart sing!

-Kristin Plassman


Sonja was great to work with. Very professional and very patient with our young children. She was really able to capture their personalities in our photos!!!!

-Sarah Bernstein


Truly amazing pictures. I just wanted them all!!!!

-Toby Gill


I am stunned at the beauty – natural and radiant – that comes out of Sonja’s work. I look forward to looking at the photos even though I don’t know any of the people.

-Camilla Larsen


She has a wonderful ability to capture the true feeling and expression of her clients.

-Donna Spicer


Sonja Clark has a wonderful talent and is using it beautifully! Her photographs of our children are perfect! It is very difficult to get all of them to smile and be happy in the same shot, but she did it! Thanks so much.

-Jen Smilg


Sonja took beautiful pictures of my children last Fall. I was a perfect outdoor setting and she captured their personalities perfectly. We had such a hard time choosing which pictures to order because they were all so amazing. Sonja also was so helpful in suggesting ideas and helping me to create a gorgeous Christmas card. I highly recommend her work.

-Nicole Bacon


What a beatiful picture. Moonbug is always branching out and looking for new and exciting ways to capture the true personality of each child. Great work as always.

-Kim Anderson


The Moonbug photographer truly loves her job. In fact, she hardly sees it as work. She will capture beautiful shots, make her clients feel at ease, and produce a final product well beyond your expectations.

-Amy Welp


Moonbug Photography has produced beautiful photos of our family as well as maternity pics that you can see on her site. Their creativity and genuine client care have proved to be to us, what will always bring us back for more! Sonja is wonderful and her style of photography is priceless. If you’re looking for a spectacular photographer, this is it. Look no further except maybe the website!!!!

-April Guiden


We are big fans. Sonja has photographed my maternity pictures and done several photo sessions with my baby through her first year. After the first birthday of my daughter Sonja designed a GORGEOUS coffee table book with all the photos from the session. We bought one for the grandparents too. There is something special about her work. I think she really captures a spark that others don’t.

-Katherine Kenn


Sonja captured the true personality of my kids. All the other photographers we have used didn’t create a rapport like Sonja does. It really makes a difference. There is so much more emotion in her pictures. We’ll always go back.



We went to a mini session with Sonja at Holliday Park last year and loved the pictures. Sonja did a great job with my shy kids. We love the pictures so much that we had her design our Christmas card. We still get compliments.



I love using Moonbug Photography for our holiday cards every year. She custom designs them and the results are phenomenal. She’s absolutely great with kids. I also love working with Sonja because she’s so professional and easy to work with.



Moonbug Photography really does capture the inner spirit of their subjects. Sonja has so much patience and has a natural ability to bring out the best in her subjects! I can’t recommend her enough or more highly!

-Angie Raab


This is artistry not just photography. The pictures of my three LIVELY kids were wonderful! She captured not only their faces but their spirits. Visit her website and you will see the feeling and personality that she captures in the pictures.

-Leslie Greenwood


School Picture Compliments:


Dear Ms. Clark,

We’ve never met, but you took pictures of my daughters, Isabel and Anna Hargrove at Sycamore School. You might remember Anna because you were kind enough to give us the large posters that were hung at the school entrances of her (she was wearing a green and pink flowered shirt). Thank you for that – certainly unexpected and a great surprise!

In any case, it isn’t really important that you remember my children specifically because I’m just writing to tell you how very, very much I appreciate the pictures you took. We have, for a number of years, had the girls’ pictures taken by ——— up in Westfield and she does excellent work, but we’ve always continued to do it because we figured we’ll never have decent school pictures.

I’m not willing to say that I won’t have their pictures taken at other times, but I’m not worried about school pictures anymore, if you continue to take them. I will, of course, also communicate this to Sycamore in the hopes that they will continue to ask you back. But whether they do or not, I’m sure you will hear from me again and from a number of my friends that I am referring to your site – the pictures are a terrific advertisement and I have a lot of friends with small children who are very jealous!

I have two of the pictures on my desk at work and, literally, every person who walks in my office (including the lady who waters the plants) has said, “Those are gorgeous pictures of the girls.” And they really, really are. They are so perfect, and they capture the girls’ personalities so well. I’m not fortunate to be home with the kids during the day and I travel a lot for work, so I have never regretted spending (in some cases, a lot of) money for good pictures. I get so much joy from their pictures that it would be difficult to calculate their value to me.

So I was just sitting here looking at them (after the 200th person mentioned them) and thinking about how much I enjoy them, and it occurred to me that I ought to mention it to you, too, and thank you because these pictures do really make every minute and every day I have to be away from them that much easier to bear.

Thank you very much!


Jennifer Thompson


Hi Sonja:  Just wanted to let you know, again, what a great job you did with all the children’s photos!  Especially Christian’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Elly Grubaums

My daughter received her beautiful photos today at school.  These are the best school photos I have ever seen.  You did a fabulous job!

-Sheryl Ciulla


I just wanted to tell you I absolutely love Isaac’s school pictures!  You did a fabulous job!  You need to market yourself more to schools- this is incredible!  What a wonderful school picture- one you will actually keep and not throw in a drawer!

-Cass Schuchman

Thanks so much for taking such wonderful pictures of my children!  My son, Haynes Whorley, and daughter, Phifer Whorley, both attend Sycamore School and I think you did a terrific job!  Thanks again.

-Lisa E. Haynes

I just had time for a peek—the boys’ pictures look wonderful. You did a great job capturing them at their best. You have a gift!

-Pamela Greisemer

WONDERFUL work on the Sycamore school pictures this year!! Thank you.

-John White

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