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School Portrait Comparison Chart and FAQ’s for Parents

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Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Will you do digital retouching on my child’s picture?
You do have the option to choose retouching for an extra fee when ordering your pictures. Retouching includes smoothing the skin, taking out stray hairs, brightening the eyes and whitening the teeth. We will also retouch scratches, bruises, rashes, acne or any other injuries. All other prints without retouching will be printed as is.

I love my child’s pictures and I want my other children who attend another school to be photographed the same way so they match. How can I do this?
Moonbug offers special mini session days just for school clients. They are scheduled on the weekend at the studio and parents can purchase prints at the same school picture prices. Siblings can also have their pictures taken together during these sessions. Administrators – these sales count toward your school’s total commission.

Can I have my child’s photos retaken on the make-up day if I don’t like them?
The make-up day is for children who miss school due to illness, funeral, etc… Since there are several pictures to choose from, there is always at least one that works. You can schedule a mini session in the studio for a small fee if you want more choices.

How will I view my child’s proofs and place my order?
A few weeks after your child’s picture is taken, you will receive instructions on how to view proofs in an online password protected gallery.  This information will come in an email from your school.  Ordering is very easy with the online system.

Why do I have to register for an account if I just want to look at my child’s pictures?
I limit access to my galleries with registration and passwords for safety reasons.  I keep track of who is viewing my pictures to make sure no one is in the site that shouldn’t be there.  I monitor it closely and block out anyone with a suspicious name or email.

Will you sell my email address?
Absolutely not!  Your information will not be shared or sold in any way.  I will send you a newsletter once in a while, but you always have the option to unsubscribe.

Will you fix my child’s hair?
I’ll try.  I have many answers for this one:

1)   They are kids and their hair gets messed up.  I love kids the most au natural.  I will try to keep it out of their eyes, but we are sometimes both moving around and having fun, it falls back in at just the right moment.

2)   Haven’t we all had a bad experience with letting the photographer comb your hair, or your child’s hair?  I may not know how it is supposed to be styled, and I don’t want to risk combing it the wrong way.

3)   My focus is on more important things like, developing a relationship with your child so I can make her comfortable and capture her personality.

Can I scan or copy the pictures?
Please don’t.  All images are copyrighted, therefore, it is illegal (and not nice!) to reproduce professional photographs.  Moonbug Photography is a small business and it’s how I help support my family.

Why does my child go barefooted during her photo session?
I love bare footed children.  They look more natural and shoes can be distracting.  Save your money on those matching shoes, because you won’t see them in the photos.  It also helps keep the background clean.

Do you offer packages or discounts?
Yes, I offer several packages.  Orders must be placed by the deadline that will be given.  After the deadline pictures might still be available but at a higher price or purchase minimum.  There will be no exceptions or extensions.

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